Your Own Book of Magic

Many witches and druids keep a book, or many books, in which they document their spells and magical workings. Some refer to their book as a ‘Book of Shadows’ or magical journal. The concept of keeping a magical journal is not a modern invention. There are documentations of those who kept books of magic that go back for centuries. Traditionally, books of magic are hand-written on virgin parchment using special inks and writing instruments, such as the quill. This is the way of the Old World witch. Blackthorn Druid Witches are encouraged to keep their own hand-written books of magic. Your own book will not only contain your personal spells and rituals, but also any herbs and plants you work with, deities and spirit guides with whom you have formed a close bond, and any other information that has made your magic successful. These may include moon phases, crystals and stones, symbols, divination tools and planetary aspects. Your book of magic is where you document everything that helps your magic work.

Some like to use notebooks and journals. Others purchase very expensive tri-fold books that take months to produce. A more practical approach is to use large artist sketchbooks with at least two hundred pages. These will take longer to fill, they are not as expensive and they can be decorated with a personalized touch. Sketchbooks are designed to be used with paints or pencils, and are made with sturdier paper. It is a good idea to document your herbs and plants on the last pages of the book, as this will keep them all together in one place and you can continue adding to them. Some like to decorate the pages with staining techniques to give them a yellowed “antique” appearance. There is no hard and fast rule about how to decorate your book of magic. Be creative and make it personal. No one will see it but you. Treat it as a sacred object. Keep it hidden away from prying eyes and curious visitors. It’s contents are for your eyes only. No one is to see what you have written inside. Many keep their books of magic in a special box or wrapped in a natural fiber such as cotton, wool or silk.