Correspondence & Online Course Coming Spring 2021

I have had many requests from people wanting to take the course, but could not attend the in-person classes because they live too far away. For this reason, I have prepared the course in way that it can be completed by correspondence or via the internet. This is no replacement for studying with a teacher in person, but those unable to do so can still receive much of the teaching through these online/correspondence lessons. I keep the cost low to make them affordable. There will be a limit of 12 students per year taking the online/correspondence course, in addition to those taking the course in person. Those who complete the 13-lesson course receive a certificate and the title Draighean: Blackthorn Druid Witch.

Correspondence lessons will have the same fee at $25 per lesson. Lesson books will be mailed monthly and they must be taken in order. It is recommended that students take at least one month to study and integrate the information from each lesson, which also includes homework assignments. Those who take the correspondence course will receive additional items in their lesson packets.

The online lessons will also have the same fee at $25 per lesson. These will be sent monthly via email in PDF format, including homework assignments.

Correspondence/Online students will receive a password to access a private page on this website. This page will have information just for you.

The first lesson will be available March 1st, 2021.

I do hope you will consider joining us on the path of the Draighean, the Blackthorn Druid Witch.

Rick S. Potter

Wisdom of the Blackthorn

Blackthorne blossom 9

The blackthorn reminds us that even in the midst of darkness, light can still be found. It teaches us that in some aspects of our lives, destruction must occur so that we can be renewed. To achieve inner growth, we must overcome obstacles, and embrace our darkness as well as our light. The spirit of Blackthorn encourages us to boldly speak our own truths, and live our lives without regret. The Blackthorn brings light into the darkest places, and helps us find strength in adversity.